The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 39

The Newsletter No. 39 – June-July 2005 The first by Charlie Corcoran

As I set about writing my first Newsletter I must start by adding my tribute to the staggering amount of hard work that John has put in over the past seven years. His commitment, skills and enthusiasm were clearly transmitted to us all through his Newsletters – much of which was a catalogue of teams visited, Feasts eaten and ale sampled by him. I cannot hope to match the miles he travelled but as to the rest I will do my best.

Ever since the ARM when my election was confirmed I have been overwhelmed by congratulatory good wishes – usually delivered with a wry smile and a slight shaking of the head. Bob and Steve have been very encouraging and wave away those of my friends who suggest that I am mad. John is, of course, very supportive if increasingly demob happy. Copies of innumerable emails and enquiries as to ‘How may filing cabinets do you want?’ …… 

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July 2005