The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 34

The Newsletter - No. 34 – July 2004

The season is well under way and Dolphin arranged a wonderful weekend with superb weather for their Ring Meeting.

The new Brochure is available, and hopefully all Sides have seem the sample copy. Stocks are held by the Squire, Squire Elect, Bagman and Treasurer. They are in boxes of 270 [not 150 as we expected!!]. However, the discount price of 70p per copy still applies to orders of 100 or more. Otherwise 80p per copy. Please let the Treasurer know your requirements, and you can collect them from him or any of the Officers [as listed in the Treasurer’s Ramblings within]. They will also be available at Ring Meetings, or wherever The Morris Shop may set up. It is a good value general information publication when re-sold at £1.00 / copy – or more as you wish!!

My apologies for missing what I have heard was a splendid Thaxted – the first Ring Meeting that I have missed in my time as Bagman. I had a week off in hospital!! At least I now know what was inhibiting my breathing and general dance capability. It seems I had been collecting blood-clots on the lung!! When I had to have a rest after walking across the pub, before ordering a beer, it seemed sensible to seek advice!!!

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July 2004