The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 33

The Newsletter - No. 33 – May 2004

Congratulations to Bob Cross, of Chalice, who was elected as the next Squire of the Morris Ring at the ARM. The ARM itself was a great success and very capably run by Mossley and Saddleworth, our thanks to both Sides for their hard work.

Welcome to new Associates, the Mummers of Boyden Gate in Kent, and also the Ferrette Morris Men from France. The latter are located near the border and their dancing area is France, Switzerland and Germany; their Bagman contact residing in Switzerland. T

he new Brochure should be available for the first Ring Meeting of the season hosted by Dolphin at Sutton Bonnington. A sample copy should have been mailed with the Spring copy of the Morris Circular. Please let the Treasurer know your requirements. It is probably not sensible to post them, but you can collect a box of 150 from the Treasurer, the Bagman or the Squire and Squire Elect – or at the various Ring Meetings. Cost to Sides is 80p per copy, or 70p per copy for orders of 100 or more. For re-sale at £1.00 / copy – or more as you wish!!

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May 2004