The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 30

The Newsletter - No. 30 – October 2003

Another Summer season and four successful Ring Meetings. Very soon there will be the Commemorative Dance Day in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the exemption of Morris dancing and its relatives, from the Licensing Bill. There is still work to be done for the Mummers and the Musicians, and it will be a chance to highlight these needs. Exemption from the Bill will not mean we can dance [or collect] indiscriminately – we will still need to ask for appropriate permission in many cases. We cannot ride roughshod claiming “rights” that we do not have!!! We will need to examine the Bill, and the notes, with some care. Remember to pay your subscription.

An appropriate form is enclosed for Member and Associate Sides, with details of the Insurance schemes. Remember, if subscriptions are not paid, your Side may not be covered.

Apologies is this Newsletter has any signs of rush. My time is becoming more restricted as my Consultancy work expands. I will have had a six year stint as Bagman by the next ARM. It is surely time for a change!! Anyone interested in taking over should get in touch.

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October 2003