The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 27

The Newsletter - No. 27 – January 2003. We welcome two new Associates: North British Sword Dancers, a well established Side of “no fixed abode” comprising invited dancers from a number of clubs. They often appear at Saddleworth Rushcart and at other Festivals. Also, Yelvertoft [just down the road...

The Newsletter - No. 27 – January 2003 - The Bagman thanks you for all your good wishes, and is now half-employed for half a year!!
ARM -- This is only a month away [7 th - 9 th March 2002] --- Book Now - if you have not done so. This mailing includes various papers relating to the Meeting. 

NEW ASSOCIATES -- Welcome North British Sword Dancers, & Yelvertoft [nr. Rugby]. 
INSTRUCTIONALS -- Musicians’ Instructional, hosted by Mendip, 21st – 23rd February 2003. Funding and Grants Instructional, on Saturday, 25th October 2003. 
ARM 2003 -- The Agenda, is with this mailing. If you have not booked – book NOW. Representatives required for the South Midlands and the Eastern Area. There is a formal Motion from East Kent, that “The Morris Ring accepts that any member side who wishes to attend any meeting organised by or on behalf of the Ring, is free to bring any musician the side wishes to use.” There will be a Discussion Item on promoting music and dance. 
RING MEETINGS – 2003 -- Some space at Thaxted Ring Meeting [30th May - 1 st June]. 
OTHER EVENTS -- Cecil Sharp Centenary Event, Somerset, 20th - 25th August 2003 -- 3 rd Cotswold Tour - 6 th September 2003 -- 18 - 30 Morris Group, Oxford, 26th – 28th September 2003 -- Pipe and Tabor Festival, Gloucester, 26th – 28th September 2003. CIOFF -- The Ring is an Associate. For £10, Sides can have access to CIOFF festivals. 
ANNIVERSARIES -- The Britannia Coconut Dancers celebrate their Centenary in 2003, and White Rose celebrate their 50th Anniversary. 
MEDIA -- Hartley were on Channel 4 “Born Sloppy” 
NEWS -- A Report on Pinewoods’s year. -- Feasts and Ales hosted by: Mendip [their preChristmas Ale Feast]; Packington and Man Friday [their first Joint Feast]; and Stafford. Wessex fell foul of a strict [and probably incorrect] interpretation of the “Two in a Bar” Rule -- On Tour: Original Welsh Border Morris [pre-Christmas]; Jockey [Plough Tour of Birmingham]; Hinkley Plough Bullockers [on Plough Saturday]. -- Out on Boxing Day: St Alban's Mummers and Bedford. -- At Whittlesey for the Straw Bear: Anstey, East Suffolk, Hagenath, Peterborough, Rutland, Stevenage and Mid Winter Mummers. 
ALSO MENTIONED -- Anker, Anstey, Bathampton, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Coventry, Dolphin, Ebor, Faithful City, First Sedgeley, Green Man, Harthill, Icknield Way, Jockey, John of Gaunt, Kennet, Leeds, Leicester, Leyland, Lincoln & Micklebarrow, Lichfield, Ripley, Rutland, Shakespeare, Stafford, Thaxted, Uttoxeter, Wantsum, Winchester and White Rose. 
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January 2003