The Newsletter - No. 26 – December 2002. Firstly, a message from the Squire, Cliff Marchant, “I would like to wish all Sides a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year”. From the Treasurer, Steve Adamson - the same - and did you remember to pay your subscription? The Subscription Form for 2003 was...

The Newsletter - No. 26 – December 2002 - Summary. 

IN MEMORIAM - Harry Fisher, former Squire of Mayflower. Siward Glaister, President of Thames Valley. 
TREASURER’S MATTERS – Subscriptions should have been send or your Insurance may be at risk. A joint Insurance for the Morris Organisations is being set up to reduce our increased premiums. 
GUINNESS RECORD - A team organised by Golden Star of Norwich have had their world record Morris distance attempt accepted by Guinness World Records. David Marr of Coventry in the team. 
FORTHCOMING INSTRUCTIONALS - Jigs – 2003, 17th – 19th January 2003, Sutton Bonnington, hosted by Dolphin. Musicians’ Instructional, 21st - 23rd February 2003, hosted by Mendip. An Instructional on “Grants and Funding” is proposed for next year. ARM 2003 - Isca will host the Meeting. Despite uncertainties, the dates are still 7 th - 9 th March 2003. The venue will now be Monmouth. Nominations and Motions for debate should be in by now. 
RING MEETINGS 2003 – Most are full – there is still space at Thaxted. 
OTHER EVENTS - “The Gate to Southwell”, 7th June 2003. Caversham Charity Folk Festival, 20th -22nd June 2003. Saddleworth Rushcart, Bank Holiday weekend 22nd - 24th August 2003. 18 - 30 Morris Group [again in Oxford], 26th – 28th September 2003. Pipe and Tabor Festival, Gloucester, 26th - 28th September 2003. 
ANNIVERSARIES - The Britannia Coconut Dancers celebrate their Centenary in 2003. 
FOR SALE etc. - Golden Jubilee Hartley Ring Meeting T-shirts. Steve Parker has a Hotel in Devon 
MEDIA - Ewell St Mary in the Sunday Times. Albion on “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”. Ken Hamilton [Oakworth, presently Kennet] on "Postmodern Pastimes" Channel 4. Paul Woods [Bristol] on “Home Truths”, BBC Radio 4. Peter Stephens & Alan Dandy [Stafford] on Folk Talk, Radio Shropshire. Trigg’s Fool and Horse photographed in the Times “Weekend” section. NEWS - Headington Quarry are highlight of second “annual” Cotswold tour. Ring Representatives at Morris Federation AGM weekend. Days of Dance hosted by Yateley, St. Albans, Manchester, Green Ginger, Barnsley, Bedford and Rutland. Feasts at Jockey, Green Man [25th Anniversary] and Headington Quarry. Fools and Animals hosted by Trigg and Plymouth. The 18 – 30 Morris Group weekend. Instructional with West Somerset. Charity donations by Yateley. Ron Smedley awarded a BAFTA “lifetime” award and Doc Rowe a Doctorate from Sheffield. Tony Poulter [Gloucestershire] teaches the 16th Reg't Royal Artillery London and Invicta Morris Men in Cyprus. 
ALSO IN THE NEWS - Anker, Anstey, Bampton, Bedford, Brackley, Bristol, Chalice, Claro, Coventry, Dartington, Devil’s Dyke, East Suffolk, Etcetera, Exeter, Green Man, Green Oak, Harthill, High Spen, Icknield Way, Ilmington, Isca, Letchworth, Lincoln and Mickelbarrow, Long Crendon, Manchester, Monkseaton, Moulton, Northwood, Oxford, Peterborough, Ripley, Saddleworth, Shakespeare, Spring Grove, Stockport, Sweyn’s Ey, Thaxted, Westminster, Whitchurch, White Hart, White Rose, Wyvern Jubilee and Yateley
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December 2002