The Newsletter - No. 24 – July 2002. This Newsletter has been timed to save postage and coincide with the next issue of the Circular. Many of you will receive it at – or shortly after – the next two Ring Meetings at Ledbury [Silurian] and Bristol.

The Newsletter - No. 24 - July 2002 - Summary 

FORTHCOMING EVENTS - Longborough and Adderbury - 27th – 29th September 2002. Fools and Animals - 11th – 13th October 2002. “Highlights” of Bucknell, Brackley, Badby and Hinton, 8th – 10th November 2002. “Dances that are not often done” - 16th November 2002. REMEMBER - ARM 2003. 7 th – 9 th March 2003. Trellech, Monmouth. 
OTHER EVENTS - Banbury Hobby Horse Festival, 29th – 30th June 2002. International Traditional Drama Conference, 19th – 21st July 2002. Gloucester International Pipe and Tabor Festival, 27th - 29th September 2002. 18 – 30 Morris Group, Oxford weekend NOW 25 – 27 October. 
ANNIVERSARIES - Saddleworth “25th Anniversary” [late!!] - Kennet 45th Anniversary. 
THE MEDIA – Comments from Ian Hislop - Problems with a TV advert featuring Winster - St Albans on Newsnight - the Squire Elect, Cliff Marchant, on the Today programme. NEWS - John of Gaunt, Leyland and Britannia Coconut Dancers of Bacup at the Accrington Folk Festival. Ale/Instructional by Letchworth. Morris taster by Mersey, Kinnerton & Adlington. Harthill Spring Ale and Feast. Horwich Prize Medal "Day for St George". St. George’s Day with: Bedford, Blackheath, Grand Union, St Albans, and Woodside. Saddleworth 25th Anniversary Feast [only three years late!!]. 
MAY DAY - Anstey join Packington at Breedon on the Hill - Leicester on East Midlands Today [BBC] at Bradgate Park - Greensleeves live on CBBC, the BBC children's digital TV - Gloucestershire up on Painswick Beacon - East Kent at the Devil’s Kneading Trough - St Albans in the city centre - Rutland in Uppingham Market Place - Mersey at Thor's Stone on the Wirral - Oxford University and Oxford City with Charlbury, Crendon, Icknield Way and Ilmington [including Ring Squire, Gerald Willey] in Radcliffe Square, Oxford - Towersey at Towersey crossroads, Oxon - Whiskey and rum provided for Wadard - Vancouver over-looking English Bay - Long Man at an [extended] Long Man of Wilmington!! - Helier, a sunny day on the Island of Jersey - Bristol, at eight venues between sunrise and (after) sunset - Isca in Caerleon Amphitheatre - Leyland, Manchester and Adlington at Knutsford Royal May Day. Ashdown Forest out all day. Wadard and Yateley at Rochester Sweeps Festival - First Ring Meeting of the season hosted by Richmond on Swale. Also mentions of: Anker; Anstey; Boar’s Head; Claro; Green Ginger; Green Man; Green Oak; Greensleeves; Isca; Jockey; Kennet; King John’s; Lord Conyers; Men of Wight; Mendip; Monkseaton; Moulton; Oakworth Village; Ripley; Rose and Castle;; Saddleworth; Shakespeare; Stockport; Thaxted and Winchester. 
PERFORMING RIGHTS AND COPYRIGHT - NON TRADITIONAL TUNES - A collective license has been negotiated to cover all the UK members for their occasional use of non-traditional tunes in the public performance context. 
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July 2002