The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 11 – November 1999. Firstly, a warm welcome to three new Associate Sides: Blue Anchor Morris from Helston, Cornwall; The Dunton Morris from Bedfordshire, and Ansty Morris Men from Leicester. This Newsletter will probably reach you in early December, may I wish you all...

The Bagman’s Newsletter - No. 11 – November 1999 - SUMMARY 

NEW ASSOCIATES: We welcome Blue Anchor Morris from Helston, Cornwall; Dunton Morris from Bedfordshire, and Ansty Morris Men from Leicester. 
THE SQUIRE’S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE – The Squire thanks the Sides who hosted Meetings in 1999. He gives news from Thaxted and reminds us of the significance of Boxing Day 1999. He reminds us of the ARM and the necessity that all Sides vote in the election of the new Squire. He sends Christmas wishes – as does the Treasurer who also suggests we buy his CDs. 
IN MEMORIAM - Icknield Way announces the death of Michael McArdle, at only 21 years of age. He died on Sunday 3 October 1999, in a railway line accident in Reading. 
RING MEETINGS – 2000 – A list of applicants is given. Chalice was heavily oversubscribed; Richmondshire and Anker are overfull. There is space at Thaxted. MILLENNIUM DOME - Our “Domemaster” Paul Montague has had a further communications from “The Dome”, and continues to pursue our interests. 
FORTHCOMING EVENTS – The Jigs Instructional is full. There is space at the Musicians’ Instructional in February 2000. 
OTHER EVENTS include - National Pipe and Tabor Festival, Gloucester, June 2000. The World Millennium Festival of Sword Dancing - Whit Weekend 2000 and the Nine Daies Morris – arrangements for which are progressing well. 
WEB NEWS – The Ring Web pages have been revamped and updated. Ensure you send your practice location to Webmaster John Maher to assist recruits in finding/joining you. 
REPORTS – There are Reports of the Leicester Ring Meeting; The Sherborne Instructional; The Jockey 50th Anniversary Weekend; The Anker Feast; The Dartington Weekend; The Cambridge 75th Anniversary Feast; and The Boar’s Head Curry Feast. 
ARCHIVAL MATTERS – If you dance on Boxing Day, try to record the event on Video for a comprehensive survey. John Jenner [Cambridge] now holds a collection of Arthur Peck’s photographs [he was Squire of the Ring from 1947 to 1949] - one find is Kenworthy Schofield’s photograph album. Ewart Russell’s correspondence from his time as Ring Bagman [1959 – 1971] have also been retrieved from store in the Vaughn Williams library. 
TV APPEARANCES - Details of Aldbury’s appearance on the BBC Generation Game; also King’s Morris teaching novice dancers in Anglia’s “Feet First”. 
OTHER NEWS – details of our new Associates [see above]; also news from: salty Stafford; conkers in Rutland; Belchamp in USA; Chanctonbury Ring at the Lewes Bonfire Procession; North Wood’s orthogonal paths at practice; Bedford and a Beer Festival; Rumford hosting an Instructional on Oddington, with Anker; and Rutland’s Feast. Finally, Kennet have resolved to drink at least 2000 pints, at Morris Events, in the year 2000, at 5p / pint for charity. 
EFDSS AWARDS – EFDSS Gold Awards for Roy Judge [dancer and researcher, member of Oxford/Ancient Men/Hon Cambridge] and Ron Smedley [Albert Hall Festival organiser and teacher of the Royal Ballet’s Bow Street Rapper]. There were displays from Thaxted and Handsworth. 
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November 1999