As this is the 100th Newsletter in current format, I have taken the liberty of including a copy of the first of the series, from John Frearson, as an appendix. Interesting to note how email and mobile phones were obviously in their infancy, and that the cost of printing and postage for Newsletters...
The highlights of Newsletter No.100
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2 Future Events
4 Australian Morris Ring National Ale 2017
5 Sadly missed
6 Historical Dance Society conference – call for papers
7 Dancing England rebooted
8 Greensleeves 90/90 target
9 Banks of Green Willow – update (morris and the Somme)
12 Mayday: Greensleeves aid the RNLI
13 Fools and Beasts Unconvention 2016 booking form
14 Morris Ring Display Boards
15 Morris Ring Publications
16 Call for Contributions
17 Appendix: Newsletter No.1 from March 1998
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July 2016