Spring 2000 - with a just splash of colour
Contents of this edition
2 The Squire, Castleton Garland
3 So Daniel opened up the can o’ worms
4 Belchamp in a State!
5 Book Review
6 Morris on the move
8 Benfieldside become Banska boys
9 Report on Sherborne  Instructional
10 Leicester by Wessex
11 Where are they now? (2)
12 The Ridgewell Files
13/14 Boxing Day with HQMD
16 Merry’s Mirror Bad Hair Day
17 On the art of painting National Figures
18 Long Man and the Winzertanzgruppe
19 An Easy Way To Produce Printed Copies Of Tunes
21 Correspondence
22 The Good, the Bad – and all of ‘em Ugly
23 Three Hymns & a Carol
Publication date: 
April 2000