The founding National Association of Morris and Sword Dance Clubs

The Morris Dancer Volume 5 No 6 April 2019

A revised version of the the edition published on 3rd May now including a review of Discordant Comicals - The Hooden Horses of East Kent and some revisions to Mumming in Europe.  Enjoy.

Page 132 Editorial Mac McCoig
Page 134 Mumming in Europe, Frazer(ism) in Italy, and “Survivals” in Historical Anthropology: a response to Julian Whybra.  - Alessandro Testa, Ph.D.
Page 143 Manchester Morris Men: The Early Years. - Keith Ashman ​
Page 151 The Cambridge Morris Men and traditional dancers. - John Jenner
Page 154 The Travelling Morrice and traditional dancers. -  John Jenner
Page 176 Some thoughts on the origin of the Papa Stour sword dance. - Brian Tasker ​
Page 179 An Ahistory of Morris. - Julian Whybra
Book Review:
Discordant Comicals – The Hooden Horses of East Kent. George Frampton Page 188

Cover Picture: Beorma Morris. Photo: Birmingham Evening Mail

At the 2014 Jigs Instructional, the three Editors agreed to remind readers what sort of material would be accepted for each Ring publication. In the case of The Morris Dancer, it is any article, paper or study which expands our knowledge of the Morris in all its forms. It is better that the text is referenced, so that other researchers may follow up if they wish to do so, but non-referenced writing will be considered.

Text and pictures can be forwarded to: Mac McCoig, mac [dot] mccoig [at] btinternet [dot] com

Publication date: 
May 2019