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Morris Ring YouTube Video Archive Channel

Morris Ring YouTube Video Archive Channel

The Morris Ring Archive was started in 1974, initially to be a Film Archive. Alan Brown an ex Squire of the Morris Ring and John Wells, the then Bagman of the Ring bought a Super 8 camera and the filming commenced. Over the years the equipment improved and the cameramen changed. Ivor Allsop filmed the bulk of the film and video material held in the Morris Ring Archive. These films and videos, plus thousands of document are now held by the Essex Record Office and form part of the Morris Ring Archive.  The object of this ongoing project is to bring these old films to a wider audience.

Digital Copies were made of most of the Morris Ring Film archive in 2016 by Garland Films from originals in the Essex Record Office but were only available on request. Many remain covered by copyright but we have now uploaded to YouTube those we have permission to make public. It is hoped more will be released for general viewing as we pursue publishing approvals.  We have created an new web page with direct links to each of the public videos and the full Morris Ring Film & Video Archive catalogue document.

To view <Click Here> , use the menu link from the Morris Ring Archives Menu (where you can find out much more about its content) or got to our YouTube Channel 

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If there's an appetite for it, we are now able to consider adding digital videos from member sides for inclusion in a separate playlist - or playlists by decade if there are enough of them !

Contact Peter de Courcy, Website & Social Media Editor webeditor [at] themorrisring [dot] org (subject: YouTube%20Content) (webeditor@the with any suggestions for contributions - or improvements.

Duncan Broomhead

Keeper of the Morris Ring Photographic Archive