The National Association of Men's Morris & Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 85

Short summary: 
There has been no Newsletter since March because I have received so little news to include! While in some ways this is positive as it shows that the alternative ‘modern’ communication methods such as the Morris Ring web site and the Morris Ring Google Group are working and it saves the Morris Ring the expense of printing and postage, some people prefer an old-fashioned newsletter. I therefore begin rather than end Newsletter No 85 with an appeal that individuals and sides use this as an additional vehicle for news, requests, appeals, announcements, invitations, anything in fact that you would like to be communicated to the wider membership of the Morris Ring – and beyond because this newsletter always appears on the Morris Ring website.

The highlights of Newsletter No.85 include:

Page   Contents
2 Bagman’s comments
3 Vacancies
• The future of the Morris Shop
• Area Rep for North
• Squire of Morris Ring 2014-16
4 Reminders
• Morris Ring Display Boards
• Squire’s Massed Dances
• Find a side entries
6 Up-dates from Newsletter No 84
• Stewarding & Road Closures. JMO Information
• Catalogue of feasts, weekends and Days of Dance
• Morris Ring Archives – an appeal for information
• Clog Irons
• Sponsorship Request
• Children in Need 2013 and 2014
13 Morris Ring Publications
14 Morris Ring and other events
15 Events in the year of the 80th Anniversary of Foundation
of the Morris Ring – including
 ARM 7th – 9th March 2014 Hosted by Hartley
17 2015 and beyond
18 Redding Moreys

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July 2013