The National Association of Men's Morris & Sword Dance Clubs

Newsletter 68

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Young ... The Morris Ring Youth Fund is there to help with some of the costs of setting up and running sides of young dancers. If you are interested have a look at the scheme details on the Morris Ring web site. To use the well-known phrase "Our future is in your hands." ... and old ...It is no secret that the Morris Ring has it very own demographic time-bomb and the early warning sirens have been screaming at us for some while. Brian Tasker's recent survey collated from his Morris Ring questionnaire has given us three valuable markers: a. 70% of our members are over 50 years old b. In less than 10 years only 30% of clubs now in existence will still be viable c. We now have a base point from which we can judge future progress

Message from the Squire: Brian Tasker
 Recruitment of New Members. Peter Halfpenney MR Squire Elect
 Archive News
 Bramble Bank: A poem by Pete Bradshaw
 Rumford Morris Golden Jubilee & Belchamp MM at Evesham
 Morris Ring Advisory Council: Discussion Points
 Sad News
 Potty Weekend Report
 Chalice by the Sea for MacMillan Cancer Support
 JMO Events
 2012 UpDate
 Future Morris Ring Events
 And finally ...
 Voluntary Arts Network
 Recruitment Questionnaire

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July 2010